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This is sample text from an agreement between myself and a couple booking a wedding. It is subject to change.  Contracts are not provided automatically for all weddings and are only used upon request. 


Marriage License:   The Client fully understands that the State requires that a valid New Hampshire marriage license be presented to the Officiant PRIOR to the scheduled start time of the ceremony. If a valid marriage license, issued from any NH town clerk is not presented, the Officiant cannot perform a legally valid marriage ceremony.

Payment:  A deposit of 50% of the total quoted fee, including rehearsal if applicable (to be deducted from the total fee) is due at the time of the agreement to reserve the Client’s date/time. The balance is due at the rehearsal, or if no rehearsal, immediately PRIOR to the ceremony. Payment for all services is by cash, check, money order or PayPal.  Credit cards are not accepted unless through PayPal.

Refunds: Refunds are available for canceled services, only up to 60 days prior to the event. Those refunds will be assessed a 20% fee before money is returned.  There is no refund given within the 60 days prior to the event.

Mileage:  Mileage has been quoted within the total fee, (measured using Google Maps) for both rehearsal and/or ceremony locations outside of Jackson, NH.  

Amplification: If amplification is being provided by either a facility or a DJ (or other), Client will convey to the provider that the Officiant will only be able to use either a lapel microphone or microphone on a stand. Hand held wireless mic’s are not useable for Officiant.

Other Fees:  When ceremonies are held in a location requiring admission, the Client will be responsible for admission of the Officiant and vehicle (if applicable). Examples are the Mount Washington Auto Road, a ski area tram or Lost River.

Total Fees:

Wedding fee:        

+ Rehearsal fee:   

+ Other   Fees:    


Deposit paid:    

Balance due:                       at time of event or sooner

Starting Time:  The Officiant will arrive at the ceremony location approximately 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for formal weddings, and approximately 15 minutes prior to the start time for casual ceremonies. The Client acknowledges that late starts of 30 minutes or more will incur an additional $25 charge, payable at the time of services (this fee is waived in the event of an actual emergency). Delays of more than an hour will be suject to additional fees. The Officiant will do everything possible to accommodate last-minute changes & delays, but in case of an unusually lengthy delay, the Officiant reserves the right to depart in order to meet other commitments. If the starting time of the ceremony is changed, it is the Client’s responsibility to communicate the change to the Officiant as soon as possible prior to the wedding.  


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto agree to the terms and conditions as described. This Agreement is effective as of the date that both parties have signed below.

 I/we understand and accept these terms.